I work with some Nobel laureates in economics and they routinely charge upwards of $1,200 an hour for their time as consultants. Obviously, not that much for their professorships, but they get paid significantly more in academia than do other professors. » 4/16/14 11:59am 33 minutes ago

I disagree about the fear of hell. For one thing, people who already believe they are going to hell for some minor infraction have nothing to lose by going all out. Secondly, people who believe in the punishment of hell can also be convinced in the reward of heaven for bad acts approved by their religious leaders.… » 4/16/14 8:36am Today 8:36am

Disallowing nuanced judgment is not something usually associated with a liberal mindset. Or, rather, it's more associated with a conservative mindset, where rules are fast and hard and certainly not made to be broken under any circumstance. » 4/15/14 10:46am Yesterday 10:46am

I forwarded this to my stepsister for her perspective, which I've pasted in below. She always had boyfriends, has been married twice, children from both marriages, etc. When she left her second husband, she decided to pursue relationships with women exclusively (despite not a whole lot of experience). » 4/14/14 11:44am Monday 11:44am

Why ISN'T there a Billy Wilder movie where Walter Matthau writes fortune cookies? He writes them for Grace Kelly because she frequents the Chinese restaurant across the street from Matthau's office, and he watches her every day from his window. No, Jack Lemmon sees her, so he gets his cranky buddy to write them, only… » 4/13/14 8:51pm Sunday 8:51pm